Healing, Together.

The only difference between soil and soul is U and I.

From The Ground Up.

Cultivating soil health, ecosystem balance, and a carbon-neutral future.

Sowing Seeds of Knowledge.

Empowering communities to champion a sustainable future.

Carbon Capture, Naturally.

Combating climate change one field at a time.




Rainmaker Farm

Rainmaker Farm is a conservation laboratory where no till, regenerative farming practices are refined for utilization at a larger scale. We are transforming conventional farming terrains into dynamic, regenerative hubs. Rainmaker Farm is about:

  • Enriching the Soil: By enhancing its condition, we’re actively capturing carbon and combating climate change at the grassroots.
  • Empowering the Community: We provide local job opportunities and hands-on educational experiences.
  • Nurturing Nature: Our methods support and sustain wildlife habitats, merging productive agriculture with thriving ecosystems.

Join the Gulch Environmental Foundation in revitalizing agriculture for a sustainable tomorrow.

Educational Programs

The Gulch Environmental Foundation was founded to combat climate change through tangible actions. Our regenerative farm serves as a practical example of how carbon capture can be effectively implemented in agriculture. Our educational programs, designed for both kids and adults, prioritize understanding the urgent need to address climate change and the ways in which regenerative farming can make a difference. During our farm days, participants get a firsthand look at our efforts and learn about the broader environmental impact. Here, we’re not just farming; we’re taking active steps against global warming.

Join us to learn more and be a part of the solution.

Recent Events

Our founder, Angel Lance and Research Director, Aviva Rossi, Ph.D. were the Opening Speakers for the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts statewide annual meeting. You can view their presentation slide deck below, and a video recording will be available in a couple of weeks.