About Us

Our Mission

Addressing climate change through innovative carbon sequestration initiatives, educating communities for a sustainable tomorrow, and championing the principles of regenerative agriculture.

The Gulch Difference

 The Gulch is a unique alliance of business leaders, environmental scientists, and farmers. Our collective expertise and resources drive impactful projects. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • 100% of Donations to Direct Action: Every penny you donate is channeled into real, on-the-ground initiatives. We bear no administrative costs from your contributions.
  • Transparent Reporting: Stay informed with our quarterly progress reports, showing you the tangible difference your donation makes.
  • Direct Your Support: Choose exactly which area of our mission your donation supports.

Support a cause that works with clarity and purpose. Make a difference with The Gulch Environmental Foundation.


Real Action to Fight Climate Change

The Gulch Environmental Foundation tackles climate change through action, focusing carbon sequestration through projects like regenerative farming.

Our Rainmaker Farm project in Oklahoma exemplifies our approach. We engage in direct and indirect climate mitigation projects, supporting other charities and educating youth and adults on conservation. At the Gulch, we actively work towards a sustainable future.

Watch our Farm Day video to see our impact and learn how we create a better world together.

Our Values

Incremental Progress

Just as a single run contributes to your fitness even if it doesn’t prepare you for a triathlon, every small conservation effort moves us closer to carbon neutrality. Collective, consistent small actions, much like regular workouts, can overcome the climate crisis. We’re committed to doing our part.


Replenish Ecosystems

Depleting an ecosystem of its vital resources is akin to taking a loan from a bank – there’s a limit and a cost. We must shift from merely ‘borrowing’ from the Earth to ‘borrowing and conscientiously repaying with interest’.

Inclusive Approach

Every voice matters in addressing the climate crisis. Our economic foundations have driven both progress and challenges. It’s not about discarding these principles, but adapting them for a sustainable future. Everyone has a unique role to play in this collective endeavor.

Annual Impact Report 2022

Want to learn about what the Gulch Environmental Foundation has been up to in its third year? Our Annual Report covers everything that has been happening at Rainmaker Farm in 2022. Learn about our carbon sequestration and regenerative soil efforts, first wheat harvest, our newest lines of livestock and some very special guests who visited this year.