Our Mission

Take action to solve the current climate crisis through carbon sequestration projects.

Our Values

Even incremental steps toward a lower carbon future are important

In the same way going on one run is good for you (and therefore worth it) even if that one run doesn’t get you ready for a triathlon, little efforts in combat of climate change mean the planet is a little closer to carbon neutral, even if those little efforts are not enough to reverse humans’ impact on the environment on their own.  However, little efforts collectively add up.   Just like many smaller workouts do prepare you for that triathlon, many industries doing their part can solve the climate crisis.  We aim to do our part.

Ecosystem services are finite and must be replenished

Living in an ecosystem and depleting it of crucial resources, is a little like getting a loan from a bank. There is limit and an eventual cost. As humans realize this, we will go from singularly and continually “borrowing” from the earth to “borrowing and regularly repaying with interest.”

There is room for everyone at the table to solve the climate change crisis

Solving this issue is important for everyone, and everyone needs to be on board for us to make it happen. There is not one right way to solve this problem, but there are many good ways. Our society is built from economic principles that have allowed us to thrive in many ways.  However, these principles can also drive the practices that have resulted in destruction of our common home, such as what we see with the climate crisis.  That does not make the principles themselves bad.  However, we need to evolve how we apply those principles to allow our society to move forward in a sustainable and restorative way. There is room for everyone to find their own good way to contribute to solving this climate crisis, and keep us all moving in the right direction.